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Before Revitalization

Aunt Kate's Cottage

Aunt Kate's is a bit of a different  type of revitalization . . . it was a newly constructed home from a vacant lot.  Where does the revitalizing come in?  Aunt Kate's was built on a lot left behind after a derelict house had been demolished.  The long time fallow lot . . . was finally revitalized to be a contributor to the community again!

Aunt Kate's is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath guesthouse built after a great deal of design research.  The goal was to design a property which architecturally was in keeping with the Kansas craftsman/bungalow style surrounding it.  The ultimate complement on this property was at it's open house debut when we were asked how long the renovation took . . . design-wise we succeeded!!

Aunt Kate's is an open-concept floor plan incorporating salvaged antique box car siding the door and rusty hardware on one wall in the great room.  Backsplashes were made from antique ceiling tin carefully refinished and burnished.  

‚ÄčLandscaping is a xeriscape design incorporating native gravel and native plants and a drip irrigation system.