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Before Revitalization

The Lark Inn on Elm Revitalization

This revitalization was primarily interior and mostly cosmetic.  All of the systems; Heathing and Air, Electrical and Plumber were relatively new and in need of but a few modifications.

The majority of the work was on reconfiguring the kitchen to accept modern appliances such as dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator.  When we started work on the property, the washing machine connections were also in the kitchen . . . probably not a good idea for this job!

We removed wall coverings in the rear sun room and built a washer/dryer room.  The flooring and woodwork needed to be awakened and we removed linoleum from the kitchen floor and refinished the  freshly exposed original long grain pine floors.

Beech butcherblock countertops were installed throughout the kitchen.  We left the linoleum backsplashes above the counters just to add some funk and sass.  We painted the cabinets a peacock blue along with an accent wall just to wake everything up and . . . the linoleum backsplash also had flecks of peacock blue . . . so all was cool!

We repurposed old telegraph insulators into light fixtures for the kitchen.  We also found an old 8' chippy antique door and porch posts and fashioned into an awesome dining room table for the super-sized dining room to round out the look an feel of this awesome 1900 victorian!