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Before Revitalization

To save room and eliminate the traditional "door wars" in confined areas, we incorporated the use of rolling barn door hardware for the bathroom doors.

The kitchen has all new cabinets, with our signature distressed, antique finish, zinc countertops, tin ceilings and repurposed antique mason jars for lighting.

Most of the floors are the original long grain pine, though a few of the floors could not be saved so flooring was salvaged from another house slated for demolition and incorporated into this one.

The Lark Inn on Main is now one of the favorite guesthouses in the Lark Inn stable and also is host to gourmet cooking classes.

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The Lark Inn on Main Revitalization was a full scope project.  Saved from demolition, this property was built in 1890 . . . 120 years old, you can just imagine how many layers of decorating and redecorating had to be removed just to get to the bones of the house!

The scope of this project included adding a large front porch for watching the world go by.  We incorporated native Osage Orange Hedge posts into the design to give it a native feel.

All of the heating and Air Conditioning, Electrical and Plumbing had to be dismantled and new installed.  Not only was this great for safety and energy efficiency, it also gave us a blank slate from which to work.  We could do anything we were big enough to do!

Many areas of the the lath and plaster walls were affected by black mold and so everything had to be removed, the mold remediated and sealed.‚Äč