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Before Revitalization

Pine Road Kitchen/Dining Revitalization

This home of a gourmet chef had a dismally small kitchen with only 5 feet of countertop space  . . . and only on one side of the kitchen . . . such a poetic injustice!

We got together with our architect and immediately, he started sketching and before you know it . . . we had 3 different concept plans to choose from!

‚ÄčThe scope of the project included blowing out 2 walls, and adding lots of cabinets and open shelving . . . even across the windows and . . . even creating a gallery wall!  Reclaimed antique ceiling tin was used for back splashes and heat shield behind the wood stove.  Beech butcherblock countertops were installed throughout.  

New cabinets were added and old as well as new cabinets were finished with one of our signature antiquing methods ensuring a cohesive look between old and new.

A special surprise of the original brick chimney was revealed when the plaster was removed . . . amazing how a feature not anticipated became such a prominent feature of the design!   Reclaimed barn wood was used for trim and accents adding to the industrial/other year look.

The light fixture over the island was created by repurposing an antique hay trolly from a Flint Hills Kansas barn!