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The Larkin Company, LLC  is not a large firm but rather, a more intimate group that prides itself on providing individual attention to our clients; whether you are just wanting to repaint your home to add new life to it or blow out walls and make dramatic lifestyle enhancement changes, we love to spend time with you finding just the right solution for you.

Concept and Design:  Before we do anything we will meet with you and discuss your lifestyle and your vision for your property.  We will brainstorm possible solutions and concepts to be sure we find just the concept that will enhance your lifestyle and fully realize the purpose you envision for your property.

Budgeting and Cost Controls: We pride ourselves on our ability to provide accurate cost estimates and budgets for your project.  There is nothing that will take the fun out of a cool project faster than unpleasant budget surprises!  Revitalizing an older project has enough surprises of it's own without poor estimating adding to it.

From our budgets, we provide monthly cost control reports that will show you exactly where your project stands in comparison to the budget you approved.  Again . . . unpleasant cost surprises are something we work hard to avoid!

Repurposing:  We've been repurposing since before it was "repurposing"!  Whether you are wanting to repurpose some antique ceiling tin into a backsplash in your kitchen or or an antique dry sink into a super cool bathroom vanity . . . we are your experts!  We may have the material or item you are hoping for or . . . they can be found pretty readily.  We are located in a great part of our country to be able to find cool stuff for repurposing at reasonable prices.

Revitalizing - Realizing the Dream: Time for implementation and realization of the dream you have been thinking about for so long!  We pride ourselves on quality construction.  We have built everything from FHA starter homes to multi-million dollar custom homes as well as commercial and industrial projects.  Our experience of quality ranges from the midwest to the west coast . . . and let me tell you . . . the quality and craftsmanship here in the midwest is truly as good as it gets!  That's why we love where we are!

The road to revitalizing a property is full of twists and turns and we are here for you on this fun ride.  Whether it is a change because something couldn't be fully visualized or because of budget considerations . . . we are here to be creative with you and find the best way to adapt your project to the newly found criteria.

After all . . . this is YOUR revitalization dream . . . we are here to make the best and most positive experience it can be!